We are in the process of starting up a new magazine, one that is long overdue … Modern Mopar Magazine.  MMM will feature all modern Mopars, including primary coverage on the following (listed alphabetically):
– Chrysler 300
– Dodge Challenger
– Dodge Charger
– Dodge Magnum
– Dodge Viper
– Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8
– Ram Truck


Our target is to have the first issue ready first quarter 2011 both in print and online, with the following features in each issue (listed alphabetically):
– Advertisements
– Car Shows / Cruise-Ins
– Drag Race Events
– Feature Cars (Show, Race)
– Industry News
– New Products
– Project Cars – At Home
– Project Cars – Shops
– Readers Rides
– Road Course Race Events
– Technical Expertise


As we continue to work toward the upcoming first issue and beyond, we would really appreciate your feedback. Please tell us if you would be interested in becoming a subscriber to the magazine, what you would like to see in the magazine and anything else you think we should know to make this the best publication possible. We are specifically looking for content submissions from you including full written articles, photos, builds. We have the first issue underway, but are always looking for contributors . Advertisers are also welcome! Please feel free to post back to us here, or email modernmoparmagazine@gmail.com with any feedback you have. This is a grassroots effort as we are fellow LX drivers and enthusiasts, so thank you in advance for your help!


Modern Mopar Magazine

4 thoughts on “About Modern Mopar Magazine

  1. I would love to subscribe to this magazine. I’m always looking for new ideas for my ’07 300C SRT and welcome any photos/stories/accessory ads for my vehicle. As with most Mopar mags I look at, they focus more the older cars, which isn’t a bad thing per say because I love Mopars, but I’m looking for ways to build my car up and make it unique. Thanks!

  2. i cant wait to get this magazine, just a idea lxforums.com is a great source of diy and ideas and advertising you guys should send them a message

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