The results are out, and in terms of safety, the New 2011 Dodger Charger has come out on top as one of the Top Safety picks by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety. After much scrutiny and rigorous testing, the Charger received a “Good” safety rating by IIHS in each of the four categories, which is the highest rating attainable at the institute. And that rating pertains to front, side, rollover, and rear-end crash testing. Our engineers have labored to create a road-worthy ride that not only catches the eye and is fun to drive, but also protects the driver and passengers within. The Charger now comes fully equipped with an array of state of the art goodies, including electronic stability control (ESC), anti-lock brakes, head restraints for front-seat occupants, and side airbags. Other safety features include Hill Start assist, Rain Brake support, and Ready Alert Braking. With our engineers working around the clock to keep you safe, you can bet that this won’t be the last time we hit the gold in these tests. So rest easy knowing that thanks to a little foresight, and some serious hard work we’ve created a vehicle that can more than hold its own weight in safety and sensibility… and of course look good while doing both.

Courtesy of RedLetterDodge