The 2011 auto show season is in full swing, and we’re running all around the country showing off our stuff, meeting our fans and answering your questions. In fact, we recently managed to catch up with our man Fred DePerez, head of marketing here at Dodge, and figured we’d pick his brain for a few minutes for you guys. Amidst typical auto show chaos, DePerez explains his view on our overarching strategy as a company and both our current and future lineup.

In less than three minutes, he touches on a vast range of subjects, everything from the possibility of a 392 Charger (which he says “makes a lot of sense”…sweet!) to the corporate relationship with Fiat. Starting off with a blunt message to consumers of simply, “we get it,” DePerez explains that we’re listening to you guys and dedicated to continuing to make exciting vehicles that look and feel alive. Even our minivans. That said, he made no bones about the challenges we’ve gone through trying to keep pricing competitive as we revamp and improve every facet of our vehicles. He then goes on to hint at the future of our fuel economy plan, which includes incorporating transmissions with eight forward gears, possibly even nine.

Anyway, be sure to watch the video yourselves, as he says it all best. Bottom line – we’ve got a lot of great stuff in store for 2011 and beyond. And if you’ve got a suggestion for us, speak up. We’re listening.

Article Courtesy of RedLetterDodge