By now we all agree the 2011 Challenger R/T has what every muscle car enthusiast wants. Great looks with retro styling, an awesome 5.7L HEMI® V8 power that delivers up to 376 horsepower that will shred tires at will, a performance –tuned dual exhaust system that emits wonderful sounds and a new second generation chassis architecture with improved suspension geometry that will plant all four wheels securely on terra firma. Our engineers have even made the Challenger’s interior better with redesigned seats and a new four-pod gauge cluster.

But the really cool news is this year’s “buzz” color. As you now, every year our designers and product planners create limited edition Challengers in wild colors. That’s when they head over to the Chrysler archives and dig through old dealer data books and catalogs in search of cool “High-Impact” colors from the early 1970s. In previous years we’ve seen “B5 Blue, Plum Crazy, HEMI Orange and others. For 2011, “Green With Envy” will make a splash on both the Challenger R/T Classic and SRT8 models. Now before you purists start yelling “foul”, this is a modern take on Sublime just as last year’s Furious Fuchsia was on Panther Pink.

“We’re using Green With Envy on the new 2011 Dodge Challengers to pay tribute to some of the coolest paint colors from our past, including the “Sublime” and “Green Go” Dodge Challengers from the 1970’s and more recently, the “Snakeskin Green” Vipers from 2008-2010,” said our President and CEO Ralph Gilles. “Not only will this exclusive heritage color remain unique to the Dodge brand, it adds another fresh and exciting element to our modern American muscle coupe.”

Looking to stand out among the crowd, the limited edition Green With Envy model features two A-line body-side stripes (just like on the ’71 R/T models) – either in matte black (standard) or white (optional). New five-spoke, cast-aluminum wheels are a modern interpretation of nostalgic Halibrand “Kidney Bean” style (you salt flat race fans and hot rod enthusiasts know what we’re talking about).

We know the Challenger’s great looks turns heads. Just be prepared for the competition to be spinning in their tracks when they get a glimpse of the new Green With Envy rolling past them at the local cruise nights and car shows this spring.

Article Courtesy of RedLetterDodge