Bo and Luke may have no problem outrunning Sheriff Roscoe Coltrane’s Monaco police cruiser but they finally met their match. Our friends at pitted the big-block powered General Lee against the new 2011 Charger R/T. Even though the General Lee packs 440 cubic inches which allows it to fly higher and jump further, it was no match for its younger offspring on the asphalt. Our new Charger R/T was quicker in 0-60 and quarter-mile times and its highly tuned suspension and brakes give it an advantage over its B-Body ancestor when “running from the law”. Now, imagine the trouble the Duke boys could have caused in Hazzard County if they had a new 370 horsepower HEMI® Charger R/T.
Check out the video for all the tire smoking excitement!

Article Courtesy of RedLetterDodge