Modern Mopar Magazine is here. Gone are the days of flipping through page after page of classic Mopars, longing for even a glimpse of a new Challenger, Charger or 300.

Modern Mopar Magazine is a brand new publication focused exclusively on late model Mopar vehicles. Intense coverage of the current Challenger, Charger and 300 as well as favorites such as the Magnum, Jeep SRT-8, Neon SRT-4 and Viper make Modern Mopar Magazine a one-of-a-kind publication. Modern Mopar Magazine provides sole and complete focus on the entire late model Chrysler Group line-up of vehicles for the enthusiast via new product releases, performance how-tos, racing and event coverage, technical explanations and project car builds.

In the coming weeks we will be showing you preview portions of the Inaugural Issue, with the final, complete magazine printed and mailed to all subscribers by the middle of July 2011.

5 thoughts on “Inaugural Modern Mopar Magazine Cover Unveiled

  1. It’s nice to see a magazine dedicated to modern Mopars. I’d definitely like to see some Dakota R/Ts in there as well. They might not have the new Hemi, but there are some serious builds out there. My R/T has a 425ci smallblock stroker that makes 565hp on the motor alone and will handle a 300+ shot of nitrous. I’m in the final stages of getting it on the road, should be done within the next month or so. There are several others that I can name off the top of my head that are running 10 sec quarter miles and making some serious power. Just thought I’d put a plug in for our community. Looking forward to the first issue!

    bad425rt on

  2. It will be great to have a source to go to for information on MODERN muscle it is truly time and Modern Mopar Magazine looks to be the one to bring it to the masses. Thanks and Good luck

  3. i have sms 570 car #09-20 i not only show her in car shows but have had her out at mid ohio raceway and have some pretty kewl video of front inside car and rear at the same time. you should check out my facebook page and see the pix of her and the video i just posted today. thanks

  4. Just paid for my Premier account. Hope I’m not disappointed with the magazine.

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