Modern Mopar Magazine will launch the Inaugural Issue in October 2011, not in July as originally targeted.  While the delay wasn’t intended, the timing actually couldn’t be better!  With all the new vehicles and the SRT brand launching, the additional content and coverage we will be bringing you will make it well worth the wait.  Sneak peaks will be available on our web site over the next couple of months to tide you over until the first issue is released.

Subscribers get a bonus!  If you have already subscribed and paid for your one (1) year of either a USA, Canada, International or Premier subscription, your one (1) year subscription will actually start the day we send out the first issue, not the day you paid … so no time lost!  In addition, we will have some special Modern Mopar Magazine logo goodies available for you in the very near future!

We are excited to be officially licensed by MOPAR and have their support in many ways, including a full page advertisement in every printed issue and on our web site.  In addition, we have a number of great companies on board and committed to advertising in our printed Modern Mopar Magazine.  If you are interested in subscribing or advertising, there is still time to get in for the Inaugural Issue.  Visit our web site for subscription information and our media kit.

6 thoughts on “First Issue: Ready October 2011

  1. BOOO…. i just keep getting a feeling this magazine will never come out. better be worth the wait

    1. It’s definitely coming out. Just a little delay, but we’re working hard on this.

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