The Dodge R/T convoy (complete with road grime and dead bugs spattered on the front fascias) rolled into Cumberland Valley Motors last night to be a part of the annual kick-off festivities for the All-Chrysler Nationals. Upon pulling into the jammed parking lot, we were greeted with great examples of Dodge and Plymouth muscle in all shapes and sizes. From high-winding 340 small-blocks to ground pounding big-inch Wedges and HEMIs, the black top was ablaze with high impact colored Barracudas, Challengers, Demons, Dusters, Chargers, Road Runners and much more. We even saw some “oddities” roll through like an ultra rare “Mod Top” 1970 Cuda 340. All weekend, the RLD staff will be capturing the sights and sounds from the Carlisle Fairgrounds so make sure to check back daily to see what we turn up. Now, if we could only find a way to post the smell of smoking tires from the burnout contest!


Courtesy of RLD