My name is Kalem Romero and this is my story…

For me Modern Mopar represents a true American heritage that is still alive and kicking today. Unlike other car makers, Modern Mopars did it right and are still iconic today for being able bring you back to a day when big engine, big comfort and big bodied iron ruled the road. They stuck behind the philosophy that a car should have great styling queues but also always be fun to drive. Every Modern Mopar has a personality of its own, you’re not just driving the newest dull and boring grocery getter. You’re driving a grocery getter with a 6.1 liter V8 that has amazing handling and enough room to stretch out and take the long way home. It’s that point of not compromising when it comes to there cars and them not saying this car shouldn’t have this or be able to achieve that. Every car that rolls off there assembly line has a soul amongst it own because we the driver give it one. Rather it be a SE model to an SRT it’s a car you wanted and in the exact fit and trim you desired. You never had to say well I guess I have to pass on this one because I want the look but can’t afford the gas for it. Or I love the look and practicality of the design but really wish it had a bigger engine. Modern Mopar’s fill that gap in a world that usually pushes cars on you, that they think you should drive and not what you want to drive. And instead bring you the heritage of old, of either get me to church on time or get me to church in 8 seconds. That’s what I love about my car and Modern Mopars. Who am I? I am a Chrysler 300c SRT8 owner and I drive it daily, take it to the track on Thursdays and to the carshows on Saturdays. No compromises and always pure enjoyment!

Club affiliation and staff member of DFWLX out of Dallas, Texas

Mod list
Performance Mods- Exatorq Tuning and Performance CMR Street Tune and Ported Throttle Body, AFE Stage 2 CAI With Ram Air Tube, Diablo Predator, 180 Thermostat, Blastin Bobs Resonator Deletes, Flowmonster Mufflers, Staggered tire setup, DC Strut Brace, Stack Performance Oil/Air Separator

Appearance- Color matching done through out engine bay, exterior and interior, Black Chrome Grille, Hurst Billet Shifter, Carbon Fiber Pedals, Color matched Fogs and Side Markers, Demolded and debadged, Custom Black Mesh Front Bumper Backings, ABS Cover, Billet Technology custom parts/caps throughout engine bay. Custom Strut Covers, Custom Trunk interior lid, Black on black painted center console

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