Our sources tell us that Mr. Norms Garage and Bosak Performance Group have joined to bring back this very famous piece of automotive history. This comeback will be made available in a very, very limited quantity … only 12 will be available! The first public showing will be at Monster Mopar Weekend at INDY, and you will be able to secure 1 of the 12 for yourself right there at the show. We have a sneak peek for now …

6 thoughts on “Demon Returning, 12 to be Produced

    1. Just a clarification on this announcement. The project has been done by Mr. Norm’s Garage and Bosak Performance NOT Chrysler Corporation.

  1. Unless I missed them, I didn’t see Mr. Norms or the Demons at the Monster Mopar Weekend at Indy at all this weekend. Perhaps the fear of a little rain scared them away. Today was a rain out but yesterday we found ourselves in a pocket of clear (yet overcast) weather all day long.

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