As a young kid, I had always loved muscle cars. The roar of the engines, the sleek body lines, they all intrigued me. I didnt know their names early on but I knew there were certain cars I gravitated towards more than others. As I grew up, there were names that came up more than others. Superbird, Duster, Roadrunner, even Camaro and Mustang (Hey, no ones perfect). After joining the Army and wrecking my first car in a rollover accident, I was blessed with the opportunity to purchase a new 2008 Dodge Charger R/T during my deployment to Iraq. The day I drove it off the lot was one of the greatest days of my life. I loved the power, the room, the look. It was the perfect car for me, and my soon to be family as my then wife was pregnant with my Son. It didnt take long for the mods to start. An emblem here, an intake there, a new magnaflow exhaust. Soon I had vinyl racing stripes across the top, and a stripe along side that harkened back to the days of the hot rods. As I modded my ride my intent was to make it look like a classic muscle car as much as I could. In the 15 months in between deployments I spent plenty of time on various car forums (especially and with my club (DFWLX) learning, growing, and turning my ride into the beast it has become today. During my second deployment, the great people of the “Z” and my car club came together, and raised nearly $1600 to mod my ride for me. They purchased an OEM SRT8 hood, a predator tuner, lights, and many other things to compliment the painted tailights, painted side markers, and billet aluminum products engraved with the Punisher skull. When I came home from Iraq, it was like a whole new ride. I am very proud of my car, and it turns heads from the West coast, to the east coast, even all the way here in Germany where I am currently stationed. I am proud to be apart of the MOPAR family, and I am MOPAR till I die. MOPAR or NOCAR!

SSG Jeremy M. McNichol

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  1. Very nice looking ride, and I bet you are having a blast in Germany with all the attention your Charger must be getting. Be Safe!!!

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