The modern MOPAR is everything it should be, it’s the perfect balance of comfort, style and performance! My 2006 Dodge Charger Daytona was actually purchased in October 2005 and has 187,000 miles on it already! My story is about performance that lasts! I bought my car to drive it, I’m a Police Tactical Driving Instructer, so I like to drive hard. I would assume that I am in the top 5% when it comes to being hard on a vehicle. The car had running through Superchips as soon as it was available and has been at the track and on the road courses since the week after I bought it. I’ve also driven it several times on the police pursuit training tracks where seeing a police crown victory interceptor with a blown motor is common. My Daytona was also my daily driver and has driven coast to coast. I skipped oil changes, I did top speed runs hitting 170 miles per hour and have just enjoyed my car so much! All of that and I managed to go 185,000 miles before having any mechanical issues!

Modifications: Borla long tube (off road) headers, full exhaust, volant cold are with custom ram air, custom pcm and tcm tune.