Santa Fe Springs, Calif. (Sept, 2011) – The redesign of the Dodge Charger for 2011 offers modern muscle fans retro taillights and side scoops reminiscent of the fearsome track warriors of the late 1960’s. With its good looks and ferocious Hemi performance, the Charger is once again the king of the street, and with a total vehicle suspension from Hotchkis Sport Suspension, it can claim the title on the track as well.

Despite its sleek new looks, the Charger is still a heavy car, and suffers from excessive under steer and limited roll control in stock form. The Hotchkis Sport Suspension Stage 1 TVS system offers RT owners a sleek lowered stance and dramatically improved handling for superior driver control. R&D engineers used track testing data and real world driving to develop a balanced handling system, comfortable enough for the street, but well balanced for the track.

The system is comprised of 1.75” lowered higher rate sport coil springs which provide a lowered stance, dramatically improved handling and comfortable driver control thanks to a lower center of gravity. Hotchkis Performance Springs were developed as a complete front and rear balanced system, giving the Charger an aggressive look and brilliant handling.

Beautiful and heavy duty, CNC sway bar brackets from Hotchkis are available in a wide range of sizes to work with almost any Hotchkis sway bar application and add visual appeal as well as improved longevity and performance.

As part of the TVS, springs are paired with front and rear lightweight, hollow sway bars offering 1.5 (38mm) (100% stiffer than stock) front and 3/4” (19mm) (150% stiffer than stock) rear. The Hotchkis sport sway bar package increases front/rear roll stiffness giving the car crisp, quick turn-in response. The dreaded understeer is eliminated and the handling becomes comfortably neutral with added traction during cornering.

Hotchkis tested numerous models during the R&D process and has kits available for Chargers with and without the stock self-leveling shock option. Talk to one of our techs to find the right package for your car.

All 2011/2012 Charger components are manufactured in the USA, come with complete hardware, greasable bushings and are finished off in a durable powder coated finish.

About Hotchkis Performance
Founded by former professional racecar drivers and national champions, Hotchkis Performance was one of the first to design and track test performance suspension for muscle cars. Nearly two decades later, Hotchkis remains dedicated to high-quality, track-tested, suspension that is Made in the USA with domestic materials. Dare to Compare: Hotchkis offers complete bolt-on systems that are designed in-house and rigorously track tested for maximum performance, strength and value. Each system is tuned for high performance handling, a sporty yet comfortable ride and improved traction on the street and track. Don’t settle for pieced-together systems or foreign sourced parts. The Hotchkis Philosophy is simple: Buy it once, bolt it on, and have fun! To preview the entire line of Hotchkis Sport Suspension parts and components, please visit, email, or contact Hotchkis Performance, 8633 Sorenson Ave, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670, 888-735-6430.

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