Our sources tell us that DiabloSport has cracked the 2011 tuning code. We hear that the tuning is pretty much figured out, but the real trick is developing a way to now protect their hard work and locking out would-be hackers and those who would try and copy their genius.

We aren’t sure if the Predator (U7135) will be able to handle the speeds of the new computers, but the soon-to-be-released InTune and Trinity (T-1000) will surely be capable devices.

Be sure and stay tuned to Modern Mopar Magazine, as this is bound to be one of the biggest developments in recent memory. We know there are thousands of you awaiting 2011 tuning, and we are alongside you. As we have more information, we’ll bring it to you.

14 thoughts on “2011 Tuning Cracked; Protecting it is the Next Step?

  1. Ironic that they want to protect their hack of the 128 bit encrypted PCM that was supposed to be protected from hacking. Glad to see that they’ll be able to add some power and mods to the cars now. Will the new Fiat Chrysler have any beef or intellectual property claims with the modifications being made, or is this a back door nudge wink from Fiat Chrysler to the vocal critics who have been begging for tuning support? Either way fun to watch and glad to see some progress. Putting that 8 lb magnuson on a 300 with the 392 engine looks more like a fun thing to do every day. probably get 500 to the wheels with an 8 lb kit on an otherwise stock platform with good gas.

  2. So there is no confusion, this was a story we posted in our “Rumor Mill” section. It’s no different than spy shots of cars, insider leaks, and all the other stuff that is discussed as rumors by all the other magazines, blogs and forums.

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