How does a guy convince his wife that it is time to trade in her cute Pontiac Solstice for a man card keeping Dodge Charger? Well luckily in my case it did not take much convincing at all. Just a trip down to the local Dodge dealership and a test drive on some curvy roads and it was sealed. Once my wife, Zoraya, climbed behind the wheel and we sped off I watched with eager anticipation for that light to come on that Zoraya was as in to this Modern Mopar as much as I was. That light came on as soon as our salesman said to mash the gas. She responded to his urging instantly and mashed down on the gas of what would soon be our 2009 Dodge Charger Super Bee and I knew at that moment that my man card would stay safely in my possession from that moment forward.

The unmistakable power and sound of the SRT8 6.1L Hemi engine sold itself to the both of us instantly and from that point on we have not looked back. The Super Bee is a throwback to the past and the unmistakable Hemi Orange paint and badging is an eye catcher everywhere we go. Whether it be at a car show or the grocery store people will approach us to ask us about the car. We are always happy to talk about it and have an opportunity to educate people on the past and present of Mopar greatness.

The two of us have worked together since that June 2009 purchase to balance the power modifications with the appearance modifications and it has been a fun project for us both. The car is in our opinion a great balance between show and go. We have met many people because of the car and have developed strong lasting friendships as well.
So fellas for any of you that may have that man card in hand ready to hand it over to one of your buddies, maybe all it will take is for you and your wife to take a quick trip down to your local Dodge dealer. It saved mine and maybe just maybe it will save yours!

Blaine Callaway
DFWLX Club and Member Relations Staff Member

Performance Mods –
1. Exatorq Tuning and Performance: Ported Throttle Body, Ported and Polished Intake, Custom CMR Tune, and Spartan Max Cam
2. JBA Catback Exhaust
3. Magnaflow High Flow Cats
4. Aria Cold Air Intak
5. Billet Technology Catch Can
6. Powerbond Under Drive Pulley
7. Jet 180 Thermostat

Appearance Mods –
1. 3G Customz Color Matched Super Bee Under Hood Kit
2. Fasty’s Garage – Custom Wheelie Bee Color Matched Side Markers, Color Matched Headlight Housings, Custom Wheelie Bee Color Matched Tail Lights, Color Matched Interior Trim, Color Matched Stealth Auto SRT8 Pedals, Color Matched Removable Magnetic Front License Plate Holder, Color Matched Ashtray Mounted Switch Plate
3. Advanced Automotive Concepts CCFL Halos Including Demon Eye – Installed by Fasty’s Garage
4. Carbon Fiber Interior Trim by Immersion Solutions
5. AFE Carbon Fiber Radiator Cover
6. Super Bee Valve Stem Caps
7. Super Bee License Plate Screws
8. Killer Glass
9. Billet Technology Under Hood Cap Kit