My to do list for Saturday July, 10th 2010 when we were ready to buy our car:

1. Go to closest Chevrolet dealership.
2. Must be a SS Camaro.
3. Must be red with white stripe.
4. By no means buy a Black Car.

After several months of researching, both my husband and I were finally ready to buy. I knew exactly what I wanted. However, within a couple of hours and one short visit at a Chevrolet dealer? I soon realized I was clearly mistaken with my choice cars. Who would buy a muscle car as famous as a Camaro that drives like your Grandmas Buick? ..and unless my 10 year old son shrunk about a foot there was no way in hell he was going to ever ride comfortably in that back seat!

I really felt deflated. The car I researched for so long, and was literally dreaming about at night… turned out to be about as exciting as a piece of plain white bread.

And then…..I walked into a Dodge dealership. Angels dropped from the ceiling and church bells rang. There she was. A beautiful 2010 Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl, 6 speed Challenger R/T sitting on the showroom floor as if she was sitting there all along waiting for me. Was it a Camaro? Nope…was it red with a white stripe? Nope…she was a sleek black muscle car that oozed of speed, shifted like the Mopars of the 70’s that had a seat that hugged around me like a race car drivers car. I was in love, but what I didn’t know was what came along with this car, that I couldn’t have got from any other car was a truly priceless gift.

You see, this car came with package. A package that gave me hours upon hours of fun. More compliments and thumbs up that I have ever seen in my life and a permanent grin that pretty much never leaves my face the minute I get in. But wait, there is more. Along with all this power and fun, comes a group of people that became some of my closest friends ever. The kind of friends you will have forever. The kind of friends that understands that you cant go out on nights that its raining and that parking your car 1 mile from the front of any store is pretty much normal. They also know and understand why you cry like a baby the first time your car gets a chip or a ding…and that driving 20 miles out of your way to avoid a “gravel” road is a given. They don’t laugh when you tape the front of your ride with painters tape in hopes to avoid any serious chips or bug guts for long road trips…and lastly… they know and understand that saying just 4 letters can bring a grown man to his knees. H E M I. I love mine and I am forever grateful for the fun & friends that it brought into our life.

Michelle & Brian Modica
Jacksonville, Florida

2 thoughts on “Seeking Camaro; Found Challenger!

  1. When I worked for the Chrysler dealership there were plenty that traded in Mustangs and Camaros for the Challenger, just to have a decent back seat. Glad you found your Challenger, and I’m sure you’ll keep on having that great feeling for years to come. Enjoy.

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