It all started when I took my 05 PT Cruiser GT Convertable in for it’s 5,000 mile check up. I keep my cars as NEW as possible and after TWO years and this low mileage; never driven in inclement weather; the dealer started bugging me about trading. Tried out a new Charger R/T and although it was nice, it was just too plain for me; wasn’t interested.

The wife called me from work a couple of days later and said YOU have to see these cars. I couldn’t understand what she was excited about. So we went there after work. They had TWO Dodge Magnums, one 06 SRT and one 05 R/T. After checking these out, I fell in love with the SRT; a dealer demo with 1,700 miles on it. Two weeks later… no PT Cruiser but a very nice 06 Magnum SRT.

THEN is when it started, the wife said I want one too. We looked for about a month and found her an 06 SXT 3.5L, custom head and tail lights, Dropzone springs and new 22″ wheels and tires. Nice low mileage of 17,100. She was in HEAVEN….UNTIL abour a month later at 19,000 miles all the lights in the dash came on, several problems; all electrical. Took it to our local Dodge dealer; Ut OH, they told US this was a Louisanna Flood CAR!!! After dealers, after dealers to private shops, NO ONE could fix it. This was in the course of a year! Wife was so disappointed so I secretly started looking for another one for her. Found a ONE OWNER 05 R/T in immaculate shape, 42K miles. Talked to the wife and she said we can’t afford it as we still have to pay for the flood car. I told her I was going to take it out of my IRA and get it anyhow. We did and she was elated. (So now THREE) We got the R/T for her on a Thursday and someone told us to check with ONE more dealer that thought was GREAT. Dropped off the flood car.. the next day it was repaired and running GREAT. (she now has TWO; seemed unfair)

I doubt I have EVER loved a car like my SRT and got to admit, I’m really paranoid of something happening to it, there fore I NEVER drive it in any inclement weather. Currently @ 11,200 miles.

NOW this is where it get interesting…
A friend called us; lost his job and asked US to buy HIS. We said NO we have THREE. Two days later he called and says I’m selling it to a dealer; I have no choice. Sorry for him we talked and then hung up. A couple hours later, he calls back and says “I’d much rather have YOU and YOUR WIFE get this car vs the dealer. YOU give me what their offer was and it yours!” OK, now we have FOUR!

Then we met a guy and asked him to join our car club; he was selling as he was loosing his license that Friday for speeding. Lotta miles but not a bad car; another 05 BLACK R/T. He said take over payments and it’s yours. Hmmmm, an everyday driver; wife and I said “WHY NOT!” ~ NOW FIVE!

ONE month later we see another magnum and stop to talk to THIS GUY and get HIM to join our car club. WHAT!!!!!!!!!! He’s selling too; taking over payments on his friends HONDA. YUP, what can I say ~ another high mileage car and it is NOW my everyday driver! Well that’s how we ended up with SIX ~ Crazy ~ YUP, I admit it. ON the forums my screen name fits “NOTPAID4” and my wife’s screen name fits her too… “MRS.PAID4 R/T”

Jim's Magnums
Theresa's Magnums

This is “MY STORY” and I’m sticking TO IT!!!

Jim & Theresa DeBoyace

7 thoughts on “From One to Six!

  1. Many congratz to my good friends Jim and Tee. Its great to see you made the magazine. Very cool! Hoping to see you both again soon!


  2. Thank you guys for the wonderful comments. Tee and I are both very proud and honored that Modern Mopar Magazine choose are article to publish. I cannot wait to order some copies of THIS MAGAZINE!!! Love the look of ALL SIX of our MAGNUMS in here!
    Jim & Tee (The NOTPAID4’s)

    1. I saw this article and I knew right away who it was! Congrats on getting in the magazine!
      Dave (aka: AmishCrackDealer)

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  4. Very nice story. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one car poor… 🙂

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