photo by Scott and Kelly Rains

Chris Greenhouse and codriver Brian Johnson collected a very impressive pair of Group 2 victories at Rally in the 100 Acre Wood last month. The duo fought through a few minor electrical problems on day 1 but still took the class win and on day 2 had a mostly clean run, finishing with another convincing class win and even managed to put their Plymouth Neon in 3rd place overall amongst the Regional competitors! Chris now holds a commanding lead in the Central Region Group 2 points with a 97 point advantage over his nearest rivals.

“This was as fast and as smooth as I can ever remember here at 100 Acre Wood. The stages were in absolutely pristine condition with the exception maybe of the dust that lingered during the evening and night stages. I was in a little less-than-perfect condition with a bit of a head cold this weekend, but I don’t think that impaired our performance too much. This was an excellent rally for us.”

The team was able to hold on to a 5th-place finish in the 2WD National event. “The other teams were able to capitalize on our electrical problem early on day 1 and we just weren’t able to get enough time back on day 2. A fuel injector wire had come loose and caused an intermittent power loss on stage 1 that turned into a more significant problem on stages 2 and 3. We were able to easily repair it at service, but the other teams who had a power advantage on us going into the event really made us pay dearly for electrical glitch on the first loop of stages.”

Look for the Weasel RallySport Team to step up to a turbo car at Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally in June. Chris, Brian and the Weasel RallySport Team would like to thank EBC Brakes, MadDog STS, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Angry Sheep Motorsports, Silco Fire Protection, Modern Performance and for their continued support.