Many Modern Mopar readers are familiar with the innovative wheel designs of USW Forged, which has been around since the birth of the LX platform back in 2005. What many readers may not know is that last year the parent company that owned USW Forged was bought out by an overseas company which planned to dissolve USW Forged, the wheel designs, and the brand all together. Luckily a group of enthusiasts who were intimately familiar with the brand heard of this development and immediately met with the new owner to find a way to preserve the USW legacy. Shortly after their meeting these enthusiasts constructed a plan and purchased USW; thus preserving the brand and its history of providing high quality and unique wheel designs to the Mopar enthusiast community. Although the operating offices have been moved to Houston, TX, the manufacturing still takes place in Southern California. That’s right … Made in the USA!

Not only have the brand and designs been saved but now the wheels are built to even higher exacting standards and each set is DOT safety rated. Their meticulous wheel manufacturing process focuses on quality, reliability, and safety. With new blood also came new innovation; USW now offers their wheel designs in centerline, concave, deep concave, and new monoblock forged versions. Finishes include chrome, polished, powdercoated, painted, and even a carbon fiber finish. Staying true to its roots, each set of USW Forged wheels is built from aircraft-grade 6160 high quality aluminum tempered to a T6 hardness. If you are in the market for wheels be sure to check out USW Forged at or call them at 713.680.8170. Be sure to mention you are a Modern Mopar reader for a limited time 10% discount off your custom forged wheels!

USW Forged
713.680.8170 main

2855 Mangum Road Suite B208
Houston TX 77092

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