Do you have a Modern Mopar Magazine decal on your ride?  If so, post one (1) photo of it in this thread on our forums (click here) to be included in our upcoming Readers Rides collage of those sporting our logo.  Act fast as we will be closing this out at the end of the month (October 2013) and everyone who posts will be included.

This is your chance to get into print!

1 thought on “Show Your “MMM” Decal – Get Into the Magazine!

  1. I didn’t realize that I needed to register in order to post a picture with your decal to be in the next magazine. I had a password to get the magazine, but username did not work, so I had to re-register. I am a new subscriber and just got the new edition, with the decal. Looks Great! My wife is in the print industry, and was impressed with the magazine itself, as well as the content.

    I think I need to be approved, in order to post the picture of the car, but time is running out. Can we get me approved ASAP, so I can post my Magnum picture, with your decal before 10/31?. It would be sincerely appreciated. I look forward to hooking up with other Magnum and Dodge owners in the Northern Illinois area and attend any events in the area.

    Thanks in Advance! Mark

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