Chrysler Custom Challenge”/SEMA Auto Show Winner and Finalists

The Chrysler brand awarded the winner of its Chrysler Custom Challenge at the SEMA Show yesterday, Nov. 6. During a live streaming of the event on the auto show floor, three judges, Chrysler Brand President and CEO Saad Chehab, Chrysler Brand Service, Parts and Customer Care President and CEO Pietro Gorlier and West Coast Customs Owner and CEO Ryan Friedlinghaus, named Oriana Schooley among the three finalists as the winner.
Chrysler Custom Challenge”/SEMA Auto Show Winner and Finalists

The Chrysler Custom Challenge charged fans to submit an image of their customized Chrysler brand vehicle along with a brief description of what customizations they have given to their vehicle to make it unique. Their vehicles are also being featured on the SEMA showroom floor within the West Coast Customs display.

“The Chrysler Custom Challenge provided Chrysler car enthusiasts a chance to creatively express their skills and passion for customization,” said Chehab. “And SEMA’s show floor provided us with the perfect stage to announce the winners and have their vehicles recognized and displayed at the show and online.”

The three finalists and their vehicles were invited to Las Vegas for a paid-trip of seven days, six nights, where they will be given full access to the show, work alongside the West Coast Customs team and enjoy an intimate dinner with Chrysler executives and West Coast Customs. As part of the grand prize, Oriana Schooley will receive a trip to the North American International Auto Show, a luxury travel package for herself and a guest and more than $15,000 in other cash/prizes. (ARV of the grand prize is up to $26,450).

Ryan Friedlinghaus is also set to feature the winner and finalists in an upcoming episode of the “West Coast Customs” television series (FOX) that will be filmed on-site at SEMA. Other finalists’ vehicles below.

The Chrysler brand’s activation site at SEMA includes a special partnership with West Coast Customs, which spotlights both as ambassadors of customization. Being provided to attendees as part of this unique partnership are on-site customization classes at the SEMA show, such as exterior paint and vinyl wrapping, interiors, sound, technology and lighting classes –  just one more way of helping enthusiasts sharpen their skills about the latest methods and accessories available.

6 thoughts on “Winner of Chrysler Custom Challenge Named at SEMA Show

  1. funny how convenient all 3 are next gen 300’s….contest was a sham, there were a ton of previous gen 300s with ALOT more modifications done to them that didnt make the top 3. Nice try Chrysler, and congrats to the winner, but the contest was BS

  2. Thank you to Chrysler for choosing me and my car to be one of the top 3 finalist. Thebtrip was aamazing and who knows maybe I will have a different ride in the competition next year…. the entire package was amazing and was a dream come true. All 3 involved are winners and you will probably see a lot more of all 3 in the near future

  3. Nice vehicle winner but looks awful close to a rip off copy cat of a Fearone LLC build that was displayed at SEMA this year. Especially if anyone saw the finish Fearone build at SEMA Central Lobby. Congrats to the winner but have to agree with the other posts on the contest not seeming very fair, plus the fact Chrysler website had problems trying to enter the contest in the first place.

    1. Her and I was where together for most of the build. The ideas came right after delivery of the car, Almost a year ago to the day. This was no copy cat build. If anything people took her ideas and used them on there car.

  4. Have to agree with other comments on more custom vehicles entered and the winner’s copy cat idea of another Chrysler 300 at SEMA.

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