ChargerSRT8.g01.KGPHere’s the first look at a production-spec prototype for the next Dodge Charger SRT, running camouflaged on the streets of Detroit.  The prototype allows a good feel for how the SRT’s aggressive design touches will be applied to its new, Dart-inspired front fascia.  We see a deeper front air dam, a jutting chin spoiler up front, and deeper-breathing front air-intakes.  We also get a glimpse at the Charger’s new air duct on its hood, likely styled in the manner bold duct found on the overhauled 2015 Challenger SRT.  Meaty wheels and tires, and beefy twin exhausts round out the package at the rear.

ChargerSRT8.g06.KGPThis new Charger SRT is almost certainly getting the supercharged 6.2-liter Hellcat V8 that was just unveiled in the top-tier Challenger SRT–judging from the rumor mill and from Fiat Chrysler’s very own image laying out the company’s five-year model plan.  The graphic shows the same engine specs for the upcoming Charger SRT (caught testing here) as the Challenger SRT, both referencing “RWD S/C V8”.  We can’t say for sure if this particular prototype was running the Hellcat engine, or the standard HEMI 392 engine, but the spy photographers said it certainly looked and sounded formidable as it hustled back to the safety of its engineering lab.
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