It’s the new Modern Mopar Magazine 24/7/365 text hotline for pics of your rides, events, races and feedback … anything you want to share with us!

Text us your favorite pics and we’ll use them on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr social media accounts and you may catch the eye of our Editor and get a reply about a feature in our online or print magazine!

Be sure to follow us everywhere and see if your ride shows up!  Share this with your friends so we can reach as many modern Moparians as possible!


1 thought on “561-373-7632 … Why You Need This Number

  1. 2011 challenger 392 with stall converter 2800 (stall) diblo t1000 tuner sisor doors barracuda grill rear tires are 335×20 hop-not kit on rear barracuda strips (candy red) on both sides of the car c-440 rear wing on back trunk lid run great thanks Roel j Rodriguez phone # 361-482-6750 again thanks

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