We keep reading about how this car outruns that car. If the established automotive media types it, how can it not be something every card carrying member of the “We Love Cars Club” should digest as true?

We have some shocking news for you. News you might not want to hear. But, we are hoping it sinks in for some of you. YOU’RE BEING LIED TO! Comparing a vehicle built by a tuner to anything built by the manufacturer and sold on showroom floors as a new, warrantied vehicle is insanity in almost every way.

We will now slant this editorial towards Mopar for reasons that should be obvious.

How many times have we all of read, “Hellcat Outrun by Super Snake” or “The 2015 , Insert Tuning Company Here, is the Hellcat’s Reality Check”? Dodge has built a masterpiece wrapped in muscle car clothing and the very outlets that praised them for doing so a few months back are now doing everything in their power to knock the Hellcat out of it’s well deserved winners circle.

We can name any number of tuning companies capable of producing non-governmentally regulated vehicles in excess of 1000hp. 1000hp is as easy to put together in 2014 as 400hp was in the 1980’s. In fact the recipe is there for relatively streetable 1500hp and even 2000hp power plants. Now, take these same engines and wrap them in all the red tape that government places on emissions, noise, fuel economy and various other handicaps that Original Equipment Manufacturers are bound to and they all disappear.

Without tuners our hobby of choice would be a sea of the same car around every corner. We love the folks spending time and money to research and develop the next big HP solution for whatever is currently parked in our garage with all our hearts. But, comparing them to the factory building the quickest, fastest and most powerful Original Equipment Muscle Car in History is simply ludicrous!

Why is it that some have trouble enjoying tuners and manufacturers for what they achieve without using one to try and pull the other down a peg or two for no reason? Don’t get us started on the comparison between Muscle Car (Hellcat Challenger) and Sportscar (New Z06) we have been seeing over the last few weeks. That’s a whole other rant!

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