Next week Modern Mopar Magazine will be rolling out the first in a new series of technologies that will bring Live Radio, Live Event Streaming, Live Vehicle Tests, Live Interviews and Audio/Video Pod Casts to our Web Site, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media sites throughout 2015.

We are kicking this off by interviewing a company that has been deeply involved with Mopar for decades. They provide the finest original equipment paint jobs in the business. They also build some unbelievable concept cars, including the new Medusa Viper Convertible, the Minotaur RAM and own a little company called Arrow Racing Engines. Somehow we don’t think it will be too hard to find some topics that you will really enjoy!

We invite you to Tune in Tuesday March 17th at 9:00p ET for a half hour or longer chat with PREFIX ( There will be a live chat running during the interview and we hope to have time to field a few questions from the audience, so take a look at their page and chime in with a question or two during the show. You can find this broadcast (and future ones) at