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If you are reading this, thank you. Thank you for being a reader, a subscriber, a friend, a supporter (or all of the above) of Modern Mopar Magazine.  You are the reason I created this magazine back in 2011 and are the motivation for it to continue every day. 2015 has come to a close and 2016 is now underway, so I wanted to share some of my thoughts about this past year and what I see for our future.

We had a great time this past year attending events like Spring Fest in CA, Moparpalooza in VA, Carlisle in PA, the Shindig in GA, as well as numerous others. In addition, we were very active in launching new live online broadcasting capabilities by coverings car shows and drag racing events. We also launched a live online radio show, and enjoyed interviewing some of the biggest names in our community. While we absolutely love providing these new services to the modern Mopar community, it proved to be a heavy distraction from our core product – the print magazine.

In 2016 we are making the print magazine our top priority. We will get back on track with publishing quarterly issues. You will see this change begin with issue #10 being published in the first quarter of 2016, followed by issue #11 in the second quarter, issue #12 in the third quarter and issue #13 to wrap up the year in the fourth quarter. The magazine will continue to be printed on the highest quality paper, with all 80+ pages in full color with top-of-the-line glossy covers.

For current, and future, subscribers, every subscription receives 4 print issues, even if the calendar time of the “one year” subscription has expired. So, each “year” of payment receives 4 print magazine issues, regardless of the timing of the issues being published.

We will continue to bring you the very best news and information from the Modern Mopar community, which includes features on vehicles built for show, race or just for fun, coverage of car shows and racing events, new vehicle reviews, news from the aftermarket along with product testing and installation tips, plus all the modern Mopar happenings from across the country and world.

With over 1 million online readers, we won’t forget about our web site and social media sites, so you can count on constant content streaming from our blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the discussion forums in which we participate.

When I created Modern Mopar Magazine, I knew it would be amazing because of the family of fellow enthusiasts. I have been immersed in this community since 2006 and have seen thousands of Challengers, Chargers, 300s, Magnums, Vipers, Rams, Wranglers, Neons and Grand Cherokees, and my goal for this year is to include more of your vehicles in our print magazine and online outlets than ever before.

In addition to featuring vehicles from our tight-knit community, we will continue to hire only modern Mopar enthusiasts. We may have a large presence, but in fact are quite a small operation, both in terms of staff and budget. As the Founder, Owner, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, I do not receive any compensation … this is a labor of love. We have a handful of writers and photographers who are either paid per article they submit for use, or some even volunteer their time and skills as they want to be a part of something amazing here at Modern Mopar Magazine. We strive to produce a professional product using the highest quality materials and content while keeping our overhead and budget as low as possible to make the magazine affordable to purchase. If you have a passion and skill set for writing and/or photography and would like to become a part of the Modern Mopar Magazine team, please contact me about available opportunities.

I am extremely energized about 2016 and can’t wait to send you all our 10th issue in just a few weeks! Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, and thank you again for your support of Modern Mopar Magazine.

Lisa Wall.

P.S.  I always love seeing your vehicles, so feel free to send me photos via email or text 561-373-7632 and you may see your ride on our social media pages or be contacted back for a feature on our web site or print magazine.

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