Maybe a better title would be, “Out with the old, In with the…Old?”

This isn’t exactly a bad thing though. We love the heritage colors in Dodge’s line up and are pretty sure most of you feel the same way. For the sake of cross referencing, we dug out a color chart of the colors available through Dodge in 1970.

Thanks to for having these charts handy!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the crossover from past to present. What we haven’t been able to completely wrap our heads around is how the current product line up specialists choose which colors get to stay and which are going away.

It’s always great to see some favorites coming back. Yellow Jacket should never go away! But neither should B5 and Plum Crazy and we have lost them for 2017 with no mention of when may see them again, if ever.

Some are ready to grab a new Dodge in the return of their new retro hue. While others are wondering why theirs have gone away… again! What we do know is Green Go is gorgeous, Destroyer Grey is properly menacing and Go Mango is putting some serious pop in the new color line up!

Now… Who’s up for a 2017 Challenger T/A in Panther Pink? It’s not for everyone, I know. But, the author of this blog entry would jump on some Panther in a heartbeat! You listening Dodge?