If you were at the 11th Annual Spring Festival of LXs, chances are good that you saw two matching Granite Crystal “His and Hers” Chargers. They made quite a splash at SpringFest and we were fortunate enough to catch up with the owners of these 2015 Hellcat and RT Chargers.

Doit and Julia Miller are the proud owners of these beautiful rides, and while they both admit that they haven’t done any extreme modifications to their rides they really enjoy the investments that they’ve made. Julia says, “we love to be together and this is just one more opportunity for us to share something that we enjoy.” Doit and Julia met back in 1975 when they were both involved in sprint cars and have had a passion for cars ever since.

Doit tells us that he used to be a GM guy but that GM really lost their flare and just became boring. He was playing in a dart league and one of his friends threw him the keys to his then new 2005 Charger to take it for a spin. After sitting at the wheel, Doit was hooked and had been bitten by the Mopar bug that we all seem to have in common. Doit tells us that when he drove his friend’s Charger it took him back to when he was a kid and muscle cars where everywhere. He made his way to the dealership and put in an order for an Inferno Red ’06 Charger R/T and then something crazy happened. Shortly after they took delivery of the R/T, a colleague who bought and sold cars mentioned that he had an ’06 Charger SRT for sale. The owner had won it at a casino but decided that she’d rather have the cash. As luck would have it, Doit was able to purchase the SRT for less than the R/T and it had only a few hundred miles on the clock.

They both loved their Chargers, but as they neared the 100K mark they started to crave something new. They purchased a ’14 Chrysler 300, but after a short time they began to miss the additional 2 cylinders and grew tired of all the chrome. When they heard about the Hellcat coming out, they knew what they had to do; trade in the 300 and the SRT and get “the twins.” That’s when the His/Hers Chargers were born. Doit had a Purple on Black theme on his SRT and he wanted to do something similar for both of their rides to set them apart from the crowd. They worked with a local shop to design the unique stripes and are thrilled with the results. As with most things, the devil is in the details and while they may not have a ton of modifications yet, they’ve sure done a lot with a little! We asked Doit what he thinks of the Hellcat and we think that he put it well when he said “It is a tremendous value. Dodge has really put together a complete package that leaves very little off the table. And I mean… just look at it, she’s beautiful!”

Doit and Julia certainly love their cars but they also spoke a lot about the Mopar community and how much it means to them. They have been active members for a long time now and have been to every Spring Fest since their first (SF2). Each year they make the pilgrimage out to Irvine, CA with friends from their local club (AZLX). They get to the main hotel early to secure a good spot and then just enjoy the company of old friends and the opportunity to make new ones. They continue to be drawn to the Mopar community for many reasons, but everything revolves around the people that they meet. They both echo the same sentiment that the Mopar community is just more genuine and family oriented than any of the other car communities that they’ve been part of. They don’t feel pressured to “log time” with their club and are able to just spend time with their friends when time allows. While there’s always a bit of friendly competition when it comes to modifying cars, they feel that the Modern Mopar community just does a better job of celebrating what makes each person’s ride unique – the owner.

Their brand loyalty has been further cemented over the years when folks like Ralph Giles, Mark Trostle and Andy Love take time to have genuine conversation with the enthusiasts of their brand. They were invited along with other Hellcat owners to talk about their experience and opinions at this year’s Spring Fest and were grateful for the opportunity to provide their input on Hellcat ownership. Doit said “I’ve never seen anything like it from another company. They really care about their customers, their product and their brand.” We couldn’t agree more. Mopar just does it better than everyone else!

Text by: Michael Banks | Photos by: Forged Photography

Originally published in Modern Mopar Magazine, Issue #11.  Order a printed copy of Issue #11 here.