Our spy photography friends caught two Dodge Challenger ADR prototypes, testing the new wide-body option destined for the Hellcat-powered muscle car.
The white and purple Challenger prototypes aren’t wearing their flared bodywork yet, but the extra overall width is unmistakable, with the tires protruding prominently from beneath the wheel wells.  The Challenger ADR (which reportedly stands for American Drag Racer), appears to be focused heavily on traction—in an effort to better harness the effects of the Hellcat’s 707 horsepower.  While the spy guru couldn’t make out the tire size thanks to the rain-soaked roads, it’s rumored that the Challenger ADR will go above-and-beyond the Hellcat’s standard 275mm-wide rubber (275/40ZR20).  We hear that the ADR will likely be riding on at least 315mm-wide tires, but that estimate might be conservative, giving how much tire is sticking out from the bodywork on these Challenger test cars.
There are rumors that the Challenger ADR will come with even more power than the standard 707 horses in the current Hellcat-powered coupes, but that’s nothing but hearsay at this point.
According to our sources, the Challenger ADR is expected to reach the market sometime in 2017 as a 2018 model.