Whether this is a massive oops, a calculated glimpse or intentional misdirection isn’t entirely clear at this point in time.

It is incredibly clear that the Challengers sitting behind Mr. Diesel and the crew of The Fate of the Furious 8 share the wheels, hood, fender flares and from the looks of this video, even the new Demon Logo where we have grown accustomed to seeing a Hellcat Badge!

If this is an unintentional peak of the Demon, then someone at Dodge is about to be in trouble!

Things we think we know:

It will be lighter than a Hellcat.

It’s going to have massive tires at each corner.

If you don’t like fender flares, the Demon won’t be for you.

We need to experience this car yesterday, if not sooner!

Are you digging what you see in this video? Let us know if you can’t wait for the launch or find yourself in the “I’m not feeling it” camp.