My name is Mike De Baecke, I am a US Naval Ordnanceman. My story began on September 11th, 2009, when I purchased my 2010 Dodge Journey SXT. Being married with 4 children, I we needed a family vehicle to replace the 2005 Grand Caravan we had. This Journey rolled off the lot as a stock all white Journey SXT. Although most people would never think about modifying a Dodge Journey, I saw great potential in mine. I started working on it right away. The first mod was to remove all emblems giving it a more sleek appearance. Shortly after that I installed a cold air intake. At that time I decided to go with red accents on the interior and exterior of my Dodge Journey. In March of 2010, I had been invited to a car show by my father Charles De Baecke who was showing his 1974 Buick Apollo. A few of the show coordinators encouraged me to enter. I really didn’t think I had a chance and that they just wanted my entry fee. But at that show in March 2009 MY Dodge Journey won Top 15 out of 68 cars. From that point on I was hooked! That would be the first of 6 awards won in 2010.

At the beginning of 2011 I decided to change things up for the upcoming show season. The Journey was stripped down to all white and re-done with green accents inside and out. So far this year my Dodge Journey has won 4 awards, one of which was a 1st Place award in the Best SUV Class. The process of getting the Journey to where it is today has been a long one, but it sure has been fun. Everywhere I go my Dodge Journey turns heads. I have to admit I got into the car scene for myself, but when the little kids get excited about my Journey, well I have to admit it warms my heart. I overheard a young kid looking at my ride at one car show saying, it’s nothing but a supped up Mini van. In the end I went home with a Trophy and him empty handed, leaving me with the following thought “It’s 2 Easy!” I know it sounds arrogant, but it’s all in good fun right? I have included a few pictures. I came across your article in the evening so I rushed to take a few. If you want better ones, I can get some to you. Thank-you for your time.

Mike DeBaecke

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