4 ½ yrs ago I walked into a dodge dealership looking for a powerful everyday 4 door driver. I purchased a brand new 2007 Charger BASE RT model.

For day one, I knew that I was going to make this car unique and my own. Little did I know that I will create a daily driver that will be used for weekend car shows as well.

My car is a daily driver, currently sitting at 99,000 miles and being that I go to car shows on the weekends. This car is my EVERY NIGHT cleaner as well.

Takes me about 45 – 60 min’s every night to dust off, wipe off exterior, rims and engine bay area. I vacuum my car 3 times a week. Some call it an obsession, but I call it unconditional deep love.

The way the car is today with 99k miles looks better and cleaner than some brand new cars. LOL. And it’s still a big winner at car shows.

Going to car shows is a passion I have.. Not only do I get to show my car, but I get to contribute to local charities that are dear and close to my heart.

It’s a great honor and privilege for me to be able to use my passion to give back to the community. A Car Club that I helped form (jam!) lives on giving back to the community. jam! (Jacksonville Automotive Muscle) (www.jamcarclub.com) is a car club that was founded on deep family values and giving back to the community. We plan major community events every 6 mths.

Last Christmas we started “Sponsor A Family for Christmas”. As a group we choose a family that is in great need and provide Christmas gifts and joy. We plan to do this every year. We signed up with “Homes For Our Troops”. Our last car show that we put on jam!-fest raised close to $2,000 for Homes For Our Troops. This will also be an annual event for us.

We also recently signed up with Barnabas Center of Nassau County a local non-profit charity that helps local residents with crisis assistance including food, medical and dental services. Our Fall car show jam! Out Hunger will benefit this organization. This too will be an annual event. Again it’s a great honor and privilege to use the love and passion for our cars towards these great causes.

My car is my daily driver….. Every day it feels like I am driving it for the first time. When I am at a red light, people roll down their windows to give me commitments. As I drive by people turn their heads to see the car. When I a parked at stores people want to see more of it and are amazed that I drive it every day. “Are you not afraid of getting into an accident?” I am often asked. I reply by saying, “I am afraid of leaving my house everyday and not coming back alive. However that doesn’t stop me from leaving my house every day”. I have too much heart and soul into my car to have it stored away. It was meant to be driven every day so others can enjoy it as well.

At work I park in a SUV only spot . These parking spaces are double the size of your average parking spots. When ask by security why do I park in a SUV only spot.. I said because my car is a SUV… a “Specially Unique Vehicle”. Still park there today with no problems. =o)

Jesus Velazquez AKA Bullish
Jacksonville Florida

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