I love the exterior styling, the retro homage, the aero, the snazzy interior, totally rad wheels, Banshee power … the list could go on.  Dodge killed this Charger concept to enter the EV market. This is by far the most attractive EV car I have ever seen. (Let’s pray the production comes close to this concept.)

BUT, that fake exhaust sound aka “loud pedal” is so so so corny. I own an aftermarket exhaust company, so I get the desire to wake up your neighbors with the roar of your Hellcat engine each morning. However, if the vehicle doesn’t produce any sound itself I might as well hold a boombox out the window of my Honda CR-V playing my Hellcat’s exhaust note.

I understand Dodge (like other manufacturers before them) are trying to meet the perceived wants of the performance community who buys their vehicles. For me, I think it’s quite goofy.

Otherwise, absolutely a home run from Detroit!