The Truth About OEM vs. Tuner

We keep reading about how this car outruns that car. If the established automotive media types it, how can it not be something every card carrying member of the “We […]

Alfa Romeo Returns to the US with 4C

All-new Alfa Romeo 4C Debuts at the 2014 New York Auto Show, Marks the Iconic Italian Brand’s Return to North America Marking the Italian brand’s highly anticipated return to North America, […]

Oracle Now Offering Strobe Light Kits

Everyone knows that LEDs are the future of lighting and the police/law enforcement have have started to outfit their vehicles with LED lights to be seen better during the day […]

USW Forged … forges ahead!

Many Modern Mopar readers are familiar with the innovative wheel designs of USW Forged, which has been around since the birth of the LX platform back in 2005. What many […]

2012 Avenger SE V6 = Value + Performance

Dodge Introduces the 2012 Avenger SE V6, Delivering Best-in-class V-6 Power with the Fuel Efficiency and Price of a Four-cylinder Mid-size Sedan New Dodge Avenger SE V6 features a Starting […]